Accounting Testimonials in Stockton, CA

Dr. jeanette Reed - accounting in Stockton, CA
I am glad to be offering a testimony for Michele Ostrowski. My first visit with her was a breath of fresh air. Finances and taxes and spreadsheets are not my strong point, yet they are absolutely vital to owning a thriving business. She listened, she offered sharp and helpful ideas, and she demonstrated expertise and creativity in the financial arena. I would recommend her with certainty and pleasure.
Dr. Jeanette Reed
Family Chiropractic Wellness Center
Stockton, CA
Michelle Andrade - accounting in Stockton, CA
As a fashion consultant, I love two wonderful aspects of my job; helping women to feel great about themselves and getting them to look their best! Especially, since we don't always feel that way about ourselves as women. There's also a sort of bond that's made between myself and my clients. Knowing how important that can be, I felt so at ease when I was able to establish a bond with Michele Ostrowski. Michele is not only professional but knowledgeable as well. You can really tell she enjoys helping her clients. You get what you see with Michele, an honest, professional and knowledgeable accountant. That made is easy for my husband and I to trust her with our finances.
Michelle Andrade
Experienced Fashion Consultant
Stockton, CA
Chrissy Davis - accounting in Stockton, CA
As a CMT, I love not only doing bodywork but also helping people with high stress backgrounds and helping them to find ways to manage that stress. Speaking of stress, let's talk about taxes! What I was dreading turned out to be a rather pleasant experience. Michele Ostrowski was both friendly and professional, plus, I never felt intimidated. I immediately felt at ease when entering the office. Not only was everything for the year handled efficiently, Michele also found an error from previous year when taxes were done by HR Block and we got an additional $300+ back! With a good CPA you can help eliminate stress and have money left over to go get a massage! Thank you Crane and Ostrowski.
Chrissy Davis
Certified Massage Therapist
Stockton, CA